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About me

  • When I was two years old, my mother caught me scribbling on walls. Just a brief moment before she sprayed bleach all over, she managed to recognize some first words. She hurried and immortalized the phenomenon with her camera, but I destroyed the photos when I was three.
  • When I was five, I wrote my first letter and sent it to the then-serving prime minister. Mr. Begin never replied. Years later I learned the importance of a post stamp.
  • In fourth grade I helped a V.P. of a successful company to finish his homework in literature and language. Naturally, he was a fourth grader too at the time.
  • At 12, I wrote my older brother's Bar-Mitzvah speech. It is still kept at the National Jewish Museum, in my parent's garret.
  • I didn't do much writing in the army. I served in Golani.
  • As a law student I wrote papers for friends, friends' friends – and friends' friends' friends…
  • As a lawyer – countless letters, various contracts, pleased parents.
  • Back to writing – countless assignments, a variety of customers, concerned parents.
  • Today I'm gathering all my loves under one roof – wife, two daughters, one little-man and one especially active keyboard.
  • Already mentioned that I write?


Have an idea, but no writer? Call me:
Phone: 03-9086307, mobile: 050-8812234, e-mail:  ido@reshamim.co.il

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