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Content Consultation


You've put in a lot of time and money into setting up a website.

You've even written some content on your night off…


But surfers are still not willing to stick around and read it?!


I'm here for you – to turn your site from repulsive to appealing.

Within a few sessions we will view the site, the messages conveyed in it and your desired target audience – and focus on the following:

  • Site survey
  • Identification of marketing and image faults
  • Characterizing and understanding your business
  • Message clarification (differentiation, nature of the service, etc.)
  • Tips for setting up your site – character, structure, etc.
  • Tips for "home branding"
  • Suggestions for correct writing
  • Questions and answers
  • And more


At the end of the day, this process will enable you to improve your site's appearance and implement, with an existent and reasonable budget, a few simple steps to promote your business and create a dignified and proper image.


Feeling ready to advance to the next level? Call me
Phone: 03-9086307, mobile: 050-8812234, e-mail:  ido@reshamim.co.il


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