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Business-oriented marketing writing

Studies have shown:

Contents sell. Full stop.

So if you’re an expert in your field but can't convey your message, if the time has come to propel your business forward or if you wish to distinguish yourself from your competitors – call me.

I will take any idea, information, a client tip or an offered service – and turn it into a focused, client-oriented, fluent and nice to read marketing message.

The winning combination of quality writing, legal view and business understanding, brings about – so my clients say – a high analytic ability of customers' needs, target audience characterization and locating the best way to convey messages.

Among my areas of expertise you can find:

  • Marketing contents for websites
  • Company profiles and marketing brochures
  • Branding articles
  • Newsletters
  • Public relations articles and communiqués
  • Advertisements (press and banners)
  • Addresses to potential customers
  • Slogans and names


Remember – in a competitor saturated market, the way messages are conveyed has a powerful impact on your ability to recruit new customers!


Compliment yourself, honour your business – and enjoy my services:
Phone: 03-9086307, Mobile: 050-8812234, E-mail:  ido@reshamim.co.il


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